Cochin International Airport (COK) – Transport

Cochin International Airport (COK) is located in the town of Kochi, state of Kerala, India. More concretely, Cochin Airport is situated in Nedumbassery (part of Kochi Metropolitan Area), around 35 km in the northeast of Kochi city. Cochin International Airport is the largest airport of the state of Kerala, the fourth largest airport in India and the world’s first fully solar powered airport.

Cochin Airport - Bus

Cochin Airport is 35 km from the Kochi city and using the Bus is a good option. Despite there is a wide offer of bus lines from Cochin International Airport, you may not find a direct bus to your destination. Once you reach the nearest station which fits you, it is a good option to rent an auto rickshaw or a taxi. You can always share it with other travellers you may meet in the bus.

You can find Buses or Taxis until a place called Airport Junction, which is near Athani on NH47. The Junction is about 5 km from Cochin International Airport and from here you will find lots of buses to Kochi/Calicut or other destination. Buses at Airport Junction can cost between 20 and 50 Indian rupees. To go towards the Cochin Airport, if you can’t find a direct bus or you don’t have enough time to wait for it, take one to Athani Airport Junction or a taxi.

Bus opening hours from the Airport to Kochi city destinations:

- Malappuram: 03:45h/ 09:15h/ 14:15h/ 20:00h
- Calicut: 04:10h/ 05:30h/ 10:30h/ 23:00h
- Kalpetta: 05:00h
- Angamaly: 06:25h
- Thrissur: 07:40h/ 07:45h/ 11:15h/ 15:15h/ 17:10h/ 19:10h
- Fort Kochi: 06:30h/ 07:50h/ 08:25h/ 08:50h/ 09:25h/ 09:55h/ 10:30h/ 11:05h/ 11:50h/ 12:30h/ 13:00h/ 13:30h/ 14:05h/ 15:00h/ 15:55h/ 17:00h/ 17:25h/ 18:00h/ 19:15h/ 19:30h (this ride takes between 1:30 and 2 hours)
- Kozhikkode: 16:30h
- Alappuzha: 10:30h/ 15:50h/ 16:30h
- Punaloor (via Kottayam): 09:50h
- Neduvannoor: 17:25h/ 19:10h/ 20:00h/ 20:20h
- Aluva: 07:35h/ 17:25h/ 19:45h
- Cherthala: 17:00h/ 17:10h

Buses from Kochi city to the Airport:

- From Ernakulam (via Aluva) at 06:30h, arriving at 07:35h
- From Ernakulam at 06:40h – Fort Kochi – Cochin Airport
- From Ernakulam at 07:10h – Fort Kochi – Cochin Airport
- From Fort Kochi (via Thoppumpadi-Vaittila-Aluva) at 09:45h, arriving at 11:20h
- From Fort Kochi (via Thoppumpadi-Vaittila-Aluva) at 13:55h, arriving at 15:30h
- From Fort Kochi (via Thoppumpadi-Vaittila-Aluva) at 18:05h, arriving at 19:40h

Cochin Airport - Metro

Kochi Metro is right now under construction, and it is planned to be finished in August 2017. Metro will have a first distance covered of 13,4 km from Aluva to Palarivattom and a second section of 5 km from Palarivattom to Maharaja’s College.

Cochin Airport - Train

The nearest train station is in Aluva station or Angamally station which is 15 kilometres away from Cochin Airport. From these stations you can reach most of the train connections all over Kerala. The main train line from Kanyakumari to Delhi is just next to the Cochin Airport and it is situated between Alwaye and Angamaly train stations.

Cochin Airport - Taxi

Taxi prices from Cochin International Airport are in the local currency (INR or Indian Rupees).
You can use a currency converter to check how the prices are in your own country currency. To have an aproximate idea it is useful to know that 1 euro it’s equivalent to 70,33 INR or Indian Rupees; 1 dollar it’s equivalent to 64 INR or Indian Rupees.

The prices depend on the type of taxi. If the taxi vehicle has not air-condition the price from Cochin Airport to Kochi city destinations can be around 500 rupees. It the taxi is air-conditioned the price can go up to 600 or 700 rupees. During the night, the taxi rate can have an additional cost that gan go up to 1.500 or 2.000 rupees. The ride takes usually 1 hour approximately. Giving tips is very optional in Cochin.

Just at the very entrance of Cochin Airport there are a rank of official traxis at the arrivals area of the passenger terminals. There is also the Pre Paid taxi option. Ask at the Information desk or to any Airport staff how can you organize your taxi trip from Cochin International Airport.

Cochin Airport – Rickshaws

Rickshaws are another practical option to travel within India in general. You can’t ask an Auto Rickshaw at the Cochin International Airport (COK). But it may be a practical way of travelling around. If you find a Rickshaw to rent near the Airport the price to the nearest train station may be less than 50 rupees, but probably you will have to bargain hard because it will take you a while. To find auto rickshaws early in he morning or late at night can be difficult.

Other transport options

Pawan Hans located in departures area of domestic flights, operates a wide range of helicopter services to almost all parts of Kochi as well as the State of Kerala. This service has to be booked in advance.

K-Air: Cochin Airport also operates with air-taxi and private jets.Cochin International Airport started its own helicopter services as a support for Bharat Airways. Scheduled helicopter services have connections with pilgrimage centres such as Sabarimala, Guruvayoor and with main cities such as Thiruvananathapuram and Kozhikode.

Cochin International Airport email:

Cochin International Airport contact number: +91 4842610115